Balmedie Leisure Centre is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) and is made up from local community volunteers and consists of a CHAIRPERSON, VICE CHAIRPERSON, TREASURER, SECRETARY & Eight other Committee Members. They employ managers, staff, and coaches to run the centre on a daily basis.

Board of Trustees

The Management Committee members play an important role as both leaders and decision-makers. Our overall responsibilities are summarised below:

Vision & Leadership

We ensure that everything the organisation does supports its vision, purpose and aims. We established the fundamental values, the ethical principles and strategic direction in which the organisation operates.


We account for everything the organisation does including; it’s spending, activities, and monitor / evaluate all areas of performance. As the Management Committee is in place to manage the resources and activities of the organisation on behalf of its members, supporters and other stakeholders, our management needs to be both effective and transparent. It is important that we are able to demonstrate our accountability to stakeholders through ensuring that appropriate systems and procedures are in place. By doing so, we reduce the risks of personal liability should things go wrong.


The Management Committee has an obligation to ensure compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements and seek guidance around any uncertainties. Everything the Management Committee and the organisation do must also be in line with our governing constitutional document.